Mini articulated bus

Our small bus model is more than just a toy – it's a great collector's item for both young and old. The strictly limited-edition mini bus has a scale of 1:87, a faithful reproduction of the original public bus that was on the road in the Bergisches Land region in 2018, marking HAZET's 150th anniversary.


  • Body with all relevant engravings and ventilation grilles
  • Window built in as a separate part flush with the body, joints and door frame engraved
  • Base plate provided with vehicle type engravings such as axles and grid frame
  • Roof hatch designed separately
  • Soft rubber tyres, silver-coloured rims
  • Rearview mirror and windscreen wipers made up of several parts, packaged as accessory parts


  • Steering wheel, seats, dashboard and partitions are manufactured as separate parts and are colour-contrasting
  • Standard printing/coating in HAZET design for our 150 year anniversary
  • Window frames printed in black
  • Article no. printed according to the original documentation
  • Housing base colour in plastic, dyed a single colour
  • Packaging: window fold packaging with Rietze design, PS inlay finished in white
  • Scale: 1:87 (H0)
  • Made in Germany

Size table

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